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My practice provides assistance to adolescents and adults who are experiencing:​​

  • Challenges following Major Life Transitions such as Separation/Divorce, Grief and Loss, Career changes, College Transitions, Empty Nest, Adjustments During Stages of Life, and more....​

  • Anxiety and Worry, Panic Attacks, Stress Management, Social Fears

  • Depression, Sadness, and Mood Disorders

  • Relationship Issues and Conflict Resolution 

  • Recovery and Codependency concerns

  • Parenting Support and Guidance for Couples and Families




​Possible approaches:

Individual Sessions:

​Some people seek help because they are feeling anxious, depressed, or just unsettled with issues from their past or in their present environment.  One-on-one visits can provide support and guidance in a safe, personal, and confidential setting. In individual sessions, we explore issues and work to gain insight into patterns of emotions and behaviors that are contributing to stress in your daily life.  Often these challenges show themselves in academic/work settings and in significant relationships with others.  Individual counseling can help you to gain the knowledge and skills needed to make positive changes in your life and to achieve a greater sense of peace and fulfillment.


Couple Sessions:

Couples often seek the help of a professional objective third party to improve communication, decrease conflicts, and achieve a greater level of intimacy between them.  Relationships can be challenging and are often impacted by factors such as anger, hurt, stressors from outside relationships, parenting disagreements, infidelity, and more.  Couples sessions can be a valuable tool to help partners explore the struggles in their relationship and find ways of reconnecting with each other.  In couples sessions, we identify and work towards mutually agreed upon goals to create more meaningful interactions, strengthen your relationship, and resolve issues which have prevented you from reaching your full potential together.  ​


Family Sessions:

As human beings, we seek connections with one another.  We are all part of a greater system of interactions, whether we are at work, school, church or synagogue, or even while waiting on line at the grocery store!  Certainly, one of the most important foundations of connection lies within our home and our family.  When one member is struggling, it impacts everyone.  Families often seek counseling to help support one another through a difficult time or to resolve ongoing conflicts in the household.  Sometimes families are  experiencing the stress of a separation, a divorce, illness, or loss.  Family therapy can help to strengthen relationships by facilitating a more productive dialogue among its members.  Understanding the impact of each person's behavior and raising awareness of one another's perspectives and needs can lead to a more pleasing and satisfying environment for all.  

* Sessions are 45 - 50 minutes. The type and length of counseling varies as treatment is very personal and must be specifically tailored to meet your needs.  Together, we will identify goals and will create a plan of action to achieve them.  We will evaluate our progress through active dialogue and communication. ​​

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